ECOWEEK 2013 in Cracow is over! Thank you very much!!

See the movie from the event and design results.

ECOWEEK 2013 in Krakow.                                                                                                 Design. Innovation. Experiment. Lifestyle. An International Seven-Days Think-Tank From the 21st to 27th October 2013, approximately 100 young architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, industrial designers, etc. from around the world (Holland, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Iran, Canada), came to Krakow to take on some of the challenges that could revolve around the realms of architecture, urbanism, industrial and social design. During this Seven-Day Think-Tank the students participating in the design-workshops were encouraged to seek out high-level ideas for the future of the City of Krakow. It will be a chance to play with experimental and innovative concepts focusing on creating new public spaces, redesign and revolutionize existing buildings, creating new pedestrian promenades and green belts, proposing new uses of existing areas as well as new ways of perceiving urban-living.

Students participating in these workshops had a chance to collaborate with an international list of design experts, i.e. Chris Doray (Chris Doray Studio, Vancouver, Canada), Bostjan Vuga (Sadar+Vuga, Ljubljana, Slovenia), Matthew Soules (MSA, Vancouver, Canada), Ado Franchini (Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy), Ivana Pasecna & Peter Pasecny (2ka, Bratislava, Slovakia), Thomas Kauertz (University  of  Applied  Sciences  and  Arts  in  Hildesheim, Hildesheim, Germany), Emanuele Naboni (The  Royal  Danish  Academy of  Fine  Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark),  Michiel Smits (Avans Hogeschool, Netherlands), Gie Steenput (Avans Hogeschool, Netherlands), Agata Woźniczka & Mateusz Adamczyk (BudCud, Cracow, Poland), Mihaela Hărmănescu (University of Architecture and Urban Planning Ion Mincu Bucharest, Romania), Mateusz Gyurkovich (Cracow University of Technology, Poland), Polish Willow (Cracow, Poland), Kinga Racoń-Leja (Cracow University of Technology, Poland), Filip Suchoń (Cracow University of Technology, Poland), Franciszka & Maciej Jagielak (Fuchi Studio Cracow),  Anna Gulińska (Vienna, Austria) and Chris Woodcock (Cracow, Poland).

In addition, many of the participants were encouraged to work in collaboration with the residents living in the areas where case-studies were generated to obtain a common ground and promote a higher quality of spatial interventions that will physically inform the local residents of the City.

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